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Dear Customers,
Welcome to K.S. Powar Builders and Developers!
At the outset, I would like to thank you all for showing interest in our organization.
“Satisfaction beyond Promises” is the mantra at our organization.
The construction industry in India is growing rapidly and hence the customers’ expectations. Always customers expect value for their investments and the business expects profitability. We at K.S. Powar Builders & Developers try to maintain a perfect balance between these two. Quality is an integral part of our business operations and we are pledged to offer better and better services to our client. The delivery time (schedule) is also very vital aspect for construction industry. We are known for our timely deliveries and we wish to further improve on this in future. Transparency is one of the key words at our office and we believe in the same.
After visiting our website, you will get the information about our past and future projects. I am certain that K.S. Powar Builders and Developers is and will be a preferred first choice in minds of our customers.
As you all know there is always a room for further improvements in every business activities. Each one of us expects a better tomorrow than today. Certainly, at our organization we deeply believe in Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP).
I once again thank you for your valuable time and interest to know about our organization. For any further help, information needed please contact us. We would be more than happy to interact with you.
Thank you!

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